In many ways, Lily Lapp’s life is very different from yours. She is Old Order Amish. Lily wears a plain dress with an apron. Her hair has never been cut. It is twisted into a bun and tucked under a prayer cap. She lives on a farm with her family. The farm is near her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. She goes to school in a one-room schoolhouse.

But in other important ways, Lily Lapp is just like you—she lives in the United States, she loves her family, she likes school (most of the time) but loves to play with her friends. Now and then, she finds herself in trouble—though she is quick to blame her mischievous friend. Most of all, Lily loves to have fun!

Now that you’ve met Lily, come back to visit again and again! Lily loves making new friends. There’s always something fun going on in Lily Lapp’s life—including games, contests and giveaways of her books. And you can always write to Lily to ask her about growing up Amish.

lily lapp