Question from Reader Jasmine

Q: Hi Lily. Is the girl modeling you still a girl?

A: Yes, the girl on the cover is still a girl.

Question from Reader Kaitlyn

Q: Hi Lily! I love your books! Do you think that you will ever marry Aaron Yoder? Do you think that Harvey will always be annoying? And if you do marry Aaron, do you how mad do you think Effie will be?

A: If Aaron Yoder likes me, he has a funny way of showing it. Don’t you think?  If I would marry Aaron I’m sure Effie would not be happy about it!

Question from Reader Katie

Q: In Life with Lily, how old is Aunt Susie?

A: Aunt Susie is a year younger than Mama.

Question from Reader Eva

Q: How long have you been Amish?

A: I was born Amish.

Question from Reader Meredith

Q: Do Amish women wear makeup or use stuff like curling irons???

A: No, they don’t use makeup or things like curling irons.

Question from Reader Anya

Q: Is it fun being the oldest? I am too but its not fun!

A: Most of the time I’m glad I’m the oldest. I can be a good helper for Mama.

Question from Reader Morgan

Q: How do like little brothers?

A: I like my little brothers a lot!

Question from Reader Lily

Q: My name is Lily. I am in 5th grade. Do you and your brothers get along well?

A: Yes, my brothers and I get along really well most of the time.

Question from Reader Nikki

Q: Do you like cats? I have two of them. Why don’t you like to sew? I like sewing a lot. Your books are my favorite.

A: Yes, I like cats. I love sewing when I can use my sewing machine. I don’t like sewing by hand.  I’m glad you like the books.

Question from Reader Rebecca

Q: Do you still want to have a baby sister? I do. I only have a brother.

A: Yes, I still want to have a baby sister.