Question from Reader Hannah

Q: How does the teacher teach all of the kids in different ages?

A: She is very good at managing her time wisely, and there are only around twenty or so children in one schoolhouse.

Question from Reader Kate

Q: Are all  Amish Christians? Merry Christmas.

A: All Amish call themselves Christians.  I hope you had a very nice Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Question from Reader Lily

Q: Who is your favorite teacher? (Besides mama) what is your twin brothers name? I like your name:) I am the oldest too!

A: My favorite teacher is Teacher Rhoda.  I really like your name!

Question from Reader Tammy

Q: Hi, I was wondering if you still ride in a buggy? My name is Tammy. And I speak English fluently and german not so fluently.

A: Yes, I still ride in a buggy.

Question from Reader Morgan

Q: Do you like to read books? Did your papa get mad when he had to catch the bat in book 3? In book 2 how old were you?

A: I love reading books. No, Papa did not get mad when he had to catch the bat in my room.

Question from Reader Maddie

Q: Do you like doing chores? I know I don’t.

A: I like most of my chores, except washing dishes. Mama says once I learn to like doing them I won’t have to any longer. I’m trying to learn to like doing them.

Question from Reader Amber

Q: Do you like to read books?

A: Yes, I love reading books.

Question from Reader Gabrielle

Q: Where do you live?

A: I live in Cloverdale, Pennsylvania.

Question from Reader Meredith

Q: Have you ever watched TV?

A: No, I have never watched TV.

Question from Reader Brooke

Q: How do the Amish feel about shows made about the Amish breaking rules?

A: The Amish know about the shows, they don’t like them at all.