Meet the Family

Lily Lapp

Likes: Cookies, cupcakes, candy
Dislikes: Mice
Lily Lapp is a six-year-old Amish girl. She is in first grade in Book 1 and likes to remind her brother Joseph that she is older than him.


Papa Lapp

Likes: Family, carpentry
Dislikes: Skunks
Papa’s name is Daniel Lapp. He works as a carpenter. He is a good listener and whistles all the time.


Mama Lapp

Likes: Family, quilting, baking
Dislikes: Goats
Mama’s name is Rachel Lapp. She is very patient, is very kind, and is known far and wide for her delicious baked goods. Her chocolate chip cookies are the best in the world, Lily says. They’re enormous. And delicious!
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Joseph Lapp

Likes: Any and all food
Dislikes: Going to bed early
Joseph is the oldest boy in the family, though he is Lily’s younger brother. Joseph was born about two years after Lily. He follows Lily around and wants to do everything she does. Most of the time, she enjoys playing with Joseph.


Dannie Lapp

Likes: Playing with Joseph, farm animals
Dislikes: Naps
Dannie is the new baby in the family. Not only was Lily disappointed that he was a boy and not a girl, but he was a very ugly baby. Soon, though, he gets cute, and Lily grows fond of him.